Common tattoo meanings


Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning behind a tattoo? It can be a bit hard to find awesome tattoos with perfect meaning. You definitely want something on your skin, more so if it is permanent, to have a deep meaning. Nowadays, tattoos have lost their stigma as many people are considering them as a form of art. It can be possible for you to get a body tattoo that you will end up regretting.

Here is a handy guide that will help you learn the meanings behind an assortment of different tattoos.

1.      Butterflies


These are insects that symbolize a metamorphosis change, beauty, and rebirth. In the Japanese tradition, butterflies are seen as a representation of someone’s soul. More so, the Greek word for a butterfly translates into a soul. In Chinese, two butterflies flying together symbolize love.

Metamorphosis, rebirth, love, souls, change, beauty.

2.      Seahorse tattoo


Seahorse is a type of a tiny fish with a horse-like head but has a body of a fish. This type of fish served as a symbol of strength and protection as well as creativity; given the fish’s ability to procreate rapidly and abundantly. Seahorses are also seen as a symbol of good luck charm to sailors which predicts a safe voyage

In addition, seahorses are a symbol of fatherhood because of the male’s ability to hold the eggs to gestation. Once they are laid, the father protects them ensuring that at least some of his offspring can survive. Hence they are a symbol of devotion and protection of parenthood.

3.      A bird-of-paradise tattoo


Birds-of-paradise are avian know for their sense of style. It is a diva that outdoes even the haughty peacock. These birds are also religious icons; to the natives of New Guinea. They are seen as gifts from God. Moreover, their feathers are used in many sacred rituals out of respect for the animal. A bird-of-paradise tattoo represents Elegance, Grace, and beauty. It is also used to show the world that appearances alone don’t give a true picture of who you really are.

4.      Lions


Lions are seen as a source of courage, protection, and strength. These creatures are known for their ferocity and incredible hunting skills. The ancient Egyptians used lions as war deities since they are known for aggressive attributes and also protection.

In the Hindu religion, Vishnu, who is one of the 5 primary forms of god take the form of a half man/half lion. In China, lions are seen in front of royal places as symbols of protection.

Lion tattoos signify protection, strength, and courage.

5.      Eagles


Eagles are used as national symbols in many countries such as some Eastern European countries, the United States, Armenia, Egypt, India, and Mexico. The Eagles are also important to the native people of Americas and they are often seen as a source of power. Eagle tattoos signify power and nationalism.

6.      Wolves


Wolves are known as ‘great god’ or ‘okami’ to the Japanese. Shrines are also dedicated to wolves asking for them to protection crops from deer and boars. Navajo aims also view the wolf as mystical beings; humans in disguise. In Roman mythology, a wolf is responsible for saving the lives of Remus and Romulus – founders of Rome- when they were abandoned as infants. Wolves also symbolize destruction and greed throughout the Bible. Wolves signify destruction, loyalty or greed.

Are tattoos bad according to Christianity?


Christians getting tattoos is a controversial topic. In fact, many Christians have grappled with the tattoo issue. Nowadays, tattoos are indeed making a huge comeback in the present day culture. From teens to housewives, they’re now appearing almost everywhere even amongst Christians. So then is it right for Christians to get tattoos?

What Does the Bible Say?


The Bible’s teaching on tattoos is quite complex, not because it is hard to comprehend, but rather because it is a ‘side issue’ that the scripture doesn’t address directly. There’s one passage which seems to teach against tattoos. Leviticus 19:28 says ‘you shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD.’

With just a simple reading of this, it appears that tattoos are forbidden in the Bible. However, if it is true that they are forbidden under Leviticus, we must recall that the Leviticus laws were issued to the Nation of Israel, not the Body of Christ.

Nine verses earlier (Leviticus 19:19) the people of Israel were also commanded to avoid missing the fibers in garments: Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you.

This means if anyone considers a tattoo sinful, he or she should have to toss all their polyester/cotton clothing too!

Applying Other Biblical Principles

There are other scriptures in the Bible that talk about tattooing as well. One of them is avoiding offense and failing to lead others to violate their own consciences in uncertain matters.

Romans 14 says you should not “do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak (in terms of conscience).’ As there are a lot of people in Church who consider tattooing your body as a sin, it is sometimes seen as a good reason to get a tattoo. However, according to the scripture, Christians are not free to stumble anyone else. We need to be wise enough when we are applying our freedom without causing anyone to stumble.

The key point is that everyone is free and because of the fructification of Jesus Christ what we touch or do become sanctified. Likewise, if getting a tattoo is considered to be a sinful act because of the connection it has with some pagans in the Old Testament, we thereby have nothing to do with it.

The great news of the New Testament is that the Old Testament laws no longer bind the Christians. Avoiding tattoos does not make you righteous – Christ’s death does!

Before getting a tattoo, read Psalm 139 to remind yourself that God thinks you are beautiful with or without embellishments. You should also keep in mind that the tattoo you get now is likely to look like an amorphous blob when the skin wrinkles of age.

You should also consider motives for getting tattoos. Some of us get them to rebel against authority. In case this is the reason, you should remember that all things are permissible but all things are not beneficial (first Corinthians 10:23).

In conclusion, you do not have to worry a lot on how you decorate your skin (exterior) as long as you devote the interior to Christ.

How to choose a good tattoo


Choosing a tattoo can be so stressing based on the understanding that a tattoo is so permanent. Making the wrong decision about any tattoo design is painful, inconvenient and costly. It’s, therefore, important to take as much as possible to get plenty information about tattoos and designs available before choosing any. Tattoos can look really cool if only the right decision is made on the design. Removing a tattoo is painful, expensive and not effective; thus, making the best choice is important to avoid regret and tears. Are you worried on how to choose a right tattoo? Well, worry no more because here are some steps on choosing a good tattoo that you will enjoy today, near future and later in your life.


Tattooing has become such a popularized trend recently. Therefore getting a good tattoo requires some actual preparation. The biggest mistake someone can make is failing to do a research on the artist that they get tattooed by. Obsessive internet searching is important to find the perfect artist who has proper training and techniques. You should also research on the designs available and choose the right one. Choose a tattoo design that is flexible and that suits your personality. Every tattoo design has a specific basic symbolism thus it’s important to take enough time before making any decision and choose the best design.

Check out the shop in person

After doing the research and finding someone you like to go to the shop and meet the artist in person before getting anything done. The most important thing to consider is the cleanliness of the place. The artist must be able to answer all your questions with a lot of confidence as evidence of their perfect work. Professional tattooists want your tattoo to look awesome since it represents them. Always remember this is your body and you the ultimate decision maker and therefore the end results are totally your responsibility.

Following a basic decision-making process

  • Avoid any rush decision making. Getting a tattoo because your friends are goading you or drunk then the choice you make will reflect a lack of forethought. This will lead to a lot of mistakes and regret. Making any rash decision will lead to tattoo written in a language you are not fluent in or misspelled.
  • Spend time choosing a design that has a meaning for you. Always do some research or go to a reputable tattoo parlor and go through tattoo design books. Look for the latest designs and any particular artist whose style impresses you. Choose quotes carefully and that which is likely to be classic over the years to come.
  • Draw a format of the design you’ve come up with. Draw your own representation using drawing tools or computer. Never get bothered about your lack of drawing skills since most artists will help you redraw the tattoo to the desired standard. This acts as a guidance tool to get your artist on the same wavelength as you.
  • Slow down. Getting a good reflection about any tattoo before getting it makes good sense. You will have the tattoo your whole life thus it should look good even when you old and wrinkled. Always think about how big an impact the design has on you and use your time to think before getting it.

Choose where you want the tattoo

Do you want your tattoo covered or to show up every day? It’s so important to consider the placement of your tattoo on your body. You can consider getting a henna tattoo of your chosen design before getting the real one. This will enable you to get an idea of how it feels in a certain place and at a certain area, especially at work. A tattoo should make you feel comfortable and confident but not uneasy.

Don’t price shop

Cheap is expensive, you should be ready to pay as much to get a good quality work. The tattoo will be on your body for life, therefore get the best of all even it will cost you an extra shilling. The cost of a tattoo will depend on the size and color added.

Make sure it’s what you want

Before doing the actual design the artist will put a transfer of the tattoo on your body in the place you want it. Make sure you love the placement and the size .Listen to all that the tattooist tells you but remember it’s your body and your choice counts.


Don’t be afraid to take your time while choosing a tattoo. Follow all the given steps in order to get good end results. You can get recommendations for artists from friends but your final choice depends on you. The color of your tattoo should match your skin tone and also you should consider the size of your tattoo.

Tattooing guide for beginners


The most obvious questions all tattoo beginners ask are like, how much does a tattoo cost? How long a tattooing process does take? Where to do they begin? Well, no more worry since the beginner’s guide will answer all these questions. Tattoo decorates the human body and can also serve as a memorial. Becoming a tattoo artist is a very competitive venture; therefore, it’s crucial to choose a method of study to learn how to tattoo and also safety for your clients and you. Creating your own style is important to capture more clients’ thus utmost success. Here are some bases on how to become a successful artist.

Develop your style and skills

Before becoming a money making artist offer free tattoos as part of training. Practice on different skin types, areas of the body and different skin colors. Most clients will want to see a portfolio of your work before hiring you. Therefore, it’s important to take photos of every tattoo you ink and create a portfolio of these photos. Networking with professionals is important to observe techniques and also learn which styles are popular. After reviewing a rainbow of styles you can begin to hone your own. Showing the world something new will move any artist from good to great. Practice and dedication are the key to becoming a good tattoo artist. Tattoo artistry is a developing field and can be lucrative after some years of study so do not be left behind.

Tattoo equipment

During your training as a tattoo artist, you will learn how to use a tattoo needle, tattoo machine, sterilizing autoclave and color sets. A tattoo machine is used to draw the tattoo on the skin and it requires a steady hand. You can practice using this equipment on soft materials. When using a needle on a client always open the sterilized package in front of them. The flat needles are used for shading and round needles are used for outlining. These needles are made from different material so it’s wise to ask for mentor’s explanation on each. Always use autoclaves to sterilize all the equipment’s that are not disposable. Your mentor should explain how autoclaves work to make it easier for you to use. Tattoo color sets are the ink that is put into the skin and must be from a reputable company.

Follow the tattooing trend

Always go with what most tattooists are doing. Just like anything else, there are times when a particular tattoo style is more popular. Looking at the last guy version and doing the same thing instead drawing your own only shows lack of creativity and fear to start something new. Following the trend is not trying to force a client out of their ideas but to bring out your signature into an image. This enables you to capture more clients’ thus worthwhile success.

Secret of tattooing is repetition

In order for our creative ideas to flow effortlessly we have to train our mind and hands to a point where they can do what we ask of them without much hustle. The only way to improve your work is repetition before actually understanding everything. In tattooing, you must perform the same action over and over until the muscles respond to your imagination without overworking the brains. Most artists act as if they were born with the abilities they have but the truth is they got where they are by repetition. It’s so fortunate for tattoos since the act of drawing uses the same muscle memory thus each minute spent drawing is the same with that spent tattooing. Repetition is the only way to get that particular image into your until you can see it in your sleep.


As a body artist, it’s good to understand that you will be working with blood. The primary concern should be your safety and your clients. You should get all the necessary vaccinations to protect you from infections that are transferred by blood contact. Every artist is supposed to have a blood borne pathogen certificate obtained by taking a training course and test through the internet. Tattoo artists should also learn how to keep their environment sterile and safe. All tattoo artists should wash their hands with antibacterial soap before and after tattoo and sanitize their work space between tattoos. The working environment should be cleaned in between tattoos.

Learn how to tattoo

Dedication is the key to success since learning how to tattoo is a huge commitment. Most people seeking education as tattoo artists have basic art courses and a passion for drawing and sketching. Most artists acquire tattoo education through apprenticeship. To secure an apprenticeship, you have to create a portfolio of drawings to show your artistic ability. Practice frequently and be dedicated to having sketches which represent your best work at the end of your apprenticeship. Understand everything your mentor will provide you with when still learning under him or her. Selecting a mentor is a very serious task thus you should consider someone whose work you admire. Your mentor should be a person you get along with and who have solid business management skills. He or she will teach you the dos and don’ts of the business.


There a lot of risks associated with tattooing. The biggest is contracting a blood borne pathogen. Always use sterile equipment and proper disposal methods for the safety of everyone. Always ensure your clients are happy and ready to refer your work to their friends. Tattoo artist should learn how to communicate effectively with their clients. All the above-given basics will help all the artists to move from good to great. Every tattoo artist should enjoy everything they since tattooing is fun and hard work.

Top 7 tattoo tips


Tattoos can be used to make a statement or to commemorate an event personal to you. Getting your first tattoo is just like a rite of passage. Many parents do not approve of them since they believe tattoos are for sailors. Before you get your tattoo inked on your biceps you need to do some research to further understand what you getting yourself into. Here are some best tattoo tips.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol thins your blood and makes you bleed more during the tattooing process. This makes it even harder to put the ink in thus messing up your tattoo design. This might also degrade your judgment thus you may take a decision you regret later. Alcohol will not make the tattooing process hurt any less so it’s important to avoid it entirely.

Check the spelling with any tribal letters

You should know what a symbol means before permanently etching them on your body. There is nothing wrong with getting something from a different culture that you find meaningful. Don’t choose anything fashionable over something simple and neat.

Get a bid on your tattoo before inking

A good tattoo from a professional artist costs a lot of money. The main cost determiners are the size and details. The longer a tattoo takes the more expensive it is .A small tattoo costs much less since it needs less work. Choose a good artist with a good portfolio and inquire on the prices before anything is done.

Consider tattoo position

The location of the tattoo is as important as the tattoo itself. You need to consider your wardrobe and then consider when to expose your tattoo. It’s good to choose a meaty part of your fresh since it hurts less compared with a tattoo done on the bone. Tattoo on the arms, neck, and neckwear and tears easily thus more money.

Designing a tattoo is important

Tattoos last forever so be sure to choose something you will love for years to come. Take your time to do research, scour books and magazines to get a good quality design. The design doesn’t have to be significant just choose something that you think looks cool and unique. The color of your tattoo should match your skin tone. Consider the price the larger and more detailed a tattoo is the more money you spend.

A big tattoo is not always the best

When choosing a tattoo design costs is not the only consideration but also time. A big tattoo will take a lot of time to get done. The larger the tattoo, the more the pain! Choose a small design that can be completed in a single visit then you can add your collections later.

First, tattooing can be painful so go with a friend to ease the pain

Getting tattoos in pairs is more fun. It’s good to be with someone who has your back when someone else is carving on it. Even if your friends does not need her own tattoo coming along with you for support and company will be important. Plus, a second opinion never hurts.


Pick a book in a beauty parlor and check all designs available. Depending on the pain and where you get the tattoo the discomfort can range from a bit uncomfortable. You can get a temporary version of a tattoo to serve as a guideline for the artist. These tips will help you in getting your desired tattoo design.

Getting to Know Your Tattoo Artist


Tattoo artists are a different breed. For those who want body art to commemorate a person, a memory or anything beautiful and beloved, these artists are your go-to people. Whether you are for or against tattoos, these people are very much needed in society by people who want something artistic to be seen in their skin. To become a tattoo artist, you don’t just have to be a talented visual artist per se but also an accurate one. You have to be careful with your client’s body and make sure that the picture he or she has in mind will be etched in the skin correctly. More than that, you also have to be hygienic and aware of your tools. You are not just painting a picture on someone’s skin; you are actually engraving it and making it permanent.

These artists are important members of society because they promote freedom of expression. Sometimes clothes and accessories are not enough to express one’s personality. This is why tattoos are such great means to showcase one’s style and individuality. Tattoos are also a great way to show off one’s way of thinking. Some people would prefer to have tattoos of philosophical quotes or song lyrics. Others would prefer to have the names of their significant others or family on their backs or shoulders. It is a good way to give someone honor. Tattoo artists can also be approached for an opinion before getting inked. They will tell you what would look good and what can be done in case you’re not sure about the image or quote that you want.

If you want to get yourself inked, do find a really reliable and highly recommended tattoo artist. Just like on reality TV shows about tattoo artists, it’s not just about the tattoos per se; it’s about the meaning behind it. So before you decide, make sure that you feel comfortable with your tattoo artist. After all, you might want to get inked again so it is best if the rapport has already been established.

For those who are thinking about the importance of tattoo artists, do not doubt these people’s impact on many people’s lives. Some people need marks on their bodies to remind them about certain events in life. Some people need reminders to help them keep going. And sometimes, those little notes can come in the form of tattoos that stay with them forever. With the help of a really good tattoo artist, these pictures can come to life from paper and onto the skin. Though the process may hurt at the start, once the inking is done, the image becomes wonderful.

So why don’t you get to know the neighborhood’s friendly tattoo artist and get a glimpse of his or her life? If you’re planning on getting a tattoo perhaps it’s best if you strike up a friendship so you can get ideas on how you can go about it. These artists are not just creative—they’re also gifted.