Midstream- A Monthly Jewish

Midstream is the leading intellectual Zionist journal in the world -
a medium of informed discussion and lively thinking.

WE LIVE in a time of rapid and fateful changes affecting Jewish life and the international scene.

Against this background MIDSTREAM was started some 50 years ago as a magazine of opinion. Ever since its pages have reflected a searching exploration of many of the critical problems of our time by some of the most profound thinkers here and abroad. In addition, its readers have been treated to a wealth of exciting and significant literary works.

MIDSTREAM offers a critical interpretation of the past, a profound examination of the present, and affords a medium for creative cultural expression. While paying attention to problems of Jewish concern, it addresses itself to the whole range of contemporary life and culture, with special emphasis on the State of Israel, and the Zionist idea.

Its aims are to clarify the central issues of our time, rather than simply to provide information; to encourage original, seminal thought, rather than to repeat accepted cliches; to analyze dissension, rather than engage in pious celebration.

Statement of Purpose
The Theodor Herzl Foundation has been established as an educational agency to promote the study and discussion of problems confronting the Jews of the world today. Two overwhelming changes in the context of our Jewish existence - on the one hand, the destruction of one-third of world Jewry, which has erased many political and cultural landmarks, and on the other, the rise of the State of Israel, which has opened broad new horizons - call for a reexamination of basic concepts and the ways to Jewish fulfillment. Equally grave, and equally difficult to answer in traditional terms, are the fateful questions that face a world aghast at the threat of its own annihilation. It is against this background that Midstream has been conceived.

In sponsoring Midstream, a Zionist publication, we are committed, above all, to free inquiry. We conceive Zionism as, in essence, a questioning of the Jewish Status quo, and as a steady confrontation of the problems of Jewish existence. It is our hope that Midstream will offer critical interpretation of the past, searching examination of the present, and afford a medium for considered and independent opinion and for creative cultural expression.

Midstream is not an official organ, nor do the publishers and editors necessarily identify themselves with views expressed in its pages. It is our purpose, rather, to enable a wide range of thought to appear in the columns of this magazine.

The Theodor Herzl Foundation, Inc

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