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Midstream is a premium blog run by tattoo buffs. We are passionate about art, but not just any type of art – tattoo art. Getting a tattoo can be a complicated process, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. There is just so much to choose from, and you might get lost in it all. Midstream thinks from a tattoo fanatic’s perspective and delivers the solutions you need to choose right. Whether you’re looking for the best tattoo shop to get your art done, or you’re wondering what’s the meaning of different types of tattoos available, we can help you out.

‘Choosing a Tat’

There are various ways in which our team comes to your aid when you need help selecting your next tattoo. To start with, we keep our blog posted with helpful content on the different types of tattoos, as well as how to identify the best tattoo shop. In addition, we also publish information related to choosing tattoos, ideal size and body placement. By reading some of the content we have on our blog, you should have what you need to get going. However, you need us to hold your hand, we can do so. Simply get in touch using the contact us form on this site.