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Common tattoo meanings


Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning behind a tattoo? It can be a bit hard to find awesome tattoos with perfect meaning. You definitely want something on your skin, more so if it is permanent, to have a deep meaning. Nowadays, tattoos have lost their stigma as many people are considering them as a form of art. It can be possible for you to get a body tattoo that you will end up regretting.

Here is a handy guide that will help you learn the meanings behind an assortment of different tattoos.

1.      Butterflies


These are insects that symbolize a metamorphosis change, beauty, and rebirth. In the Japanese tradition, butterflies are seen as a representation of someone’s soul. More so, the Greek word for a butterfly translates into a soul. In Chinese, two butterflies flying together symbolize love.

Metamorphosis, rebirth, love, souls, change, beauty.

2.      Seahorse tattoo


Seahorse is a type of a tiny fish with a horse-like head but has a body of a fish. This type of fish served as a symbol of strength and protection as well as creativity; given the fish’s ability to procreate rapidly and abundantly. Seahorses are also seen as a symbol of good luck charm to sailors which predicts a safe voyage

In addition, seahorses are a symbol of fatherhood because of the male’s ability to hold the eggs to gestation. Once they are laid, the father protects them ensuring that at least some of his offspring can survive. Hence they are a symbol of devotion and protection of parenthood.

3.      A bird-of-paradise tattoo


Birds-of-paradise are avian know for their sense of style. It is a diva that outdoes even the haughty peacock. These birds are also religious icons; to the natives of New Guinea. They are seen as gifts from God. Moreover, their feathers are used in many sacred rituals out of respect for the animal. A bird-of-paradise tattoo represents Elegance, Grace, and beauty. It is also used to show the world that appearances alone don’t give a true picture of who you really are.

4.      Lions


Lions are seen as a source of courage, protection, and strength. These creatures are known for their ferocity and incredible hunting skills. The ancient Egyptians used lions as war deities since they are known for aggressive attributes and also protection.

In the Hindu religion, Vishnu, who is one of the 5 primary forms of god take the form of a half man/half lion. In China, lions are seen in front of royal places as symbols of protection.

Lion tattoos signify protection, strength, and courage.

5.      Eagles


Eagles are used as national symbols in many countries such as some Eastern European countries, the United States, Armenia, Egypt, India, and Mexico. The Eagles are also important to the native people of Americas and they are often seen as a source of power. Eagle tattoos signify power and nationalism.

6.      Wolves


Wolves are known as ‘great god’ or ‘okami’ to the Japanese. Shrines are also dedicated to wolves asking for them to protection crops from deer and boars. Navajo aims also view the wolf as mystical beings; humans in disguise. In Roman mythology, a wolf is responsible for saving the lives of Remus and Romulus – founders of Rome- when they were abandoned as infants. Wolves also symbolize destruction and greed throughout the Bible. Wolves signify destruction, loyalty or greed.


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