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How to choose a good tattoo


Choosing a tattoo can be so stressing based on the understanding that a tattoo is so permanent. Making the wrong decision about any tattoo design is painful, inconvenient and costly. It’s, therefore, important to take as much as possible to get plenty information about tattoos and designs available before choosing any. Tattoos can look really cool if only the right decision is made on the design. Removing a tattoo is painful, expensive and not effective; thus, making the best choice is important to avoid regret and tears. Are you worried on how to choose a right tattoo? Well, worry no more because here are some steps on choosing a good tattoo that you will enjoy today, near future and later in your life.


Tattooing has become such a popularized trend recently. Therefore getting a good tattoo requires some actual preparation. The biggest mistake someone can make is failing to do a research on the artist that they get tattooed by. Obsessive internet searching is important to find the perfect artist who has proper training and techniques. You should also research on the designs available and choose the right one. Choose a tattoo design that is flexible and that suits your personality. Every tattoo design has a specific basic symbolism thus it’s important to take enough time before making any decision and choose the best design.

Check out the shop in person

After doing the research and finding someone you like to go to the shop and meet the artist in person before getting anything done. The most important thing to consider is the cleanliness of the place. The artist must be able to answer all your questions with a lot of confidence as evidence of their perfect work. Professional tattooists want your tattoo to look awesome since it represents them. Always remember this is your body and you the ultimate decision maker and therefore the end results are totally your responsibility.

Following a basic decision-making process

  • Avoid any rush decision making. Getting a tattoo because your friends are goading you or drunk then the choice you make will reflect a lack of forethought. This will lead to a lot of mistakes and regret. Making any rash decision will lead to tattoo written in a language you are not fluent in or misspelled.
  • Spend time choosing a design that has a meaning for you. Always do some research or go to a reputable tattoo parlor and go through tattoo design books. Look for the latest designs and any particular artist whose style impresses you. Choose quotes carefully and that which is likely to be classic over the years to come.
  • Draw a format of the design you’ve come up with. Draw your own representation using drawing tools or computer. Never get bothered about your lack of drawing skills since most artists will help you redraw the tattoo to the desired standard. This acts as a guidance tool to get your artist on the same wavelength as you.
  • Slow down. Getting a good reflection about any tattoo before getting it makes good sense. You will have the tattoo your whole life thus it should look good even when you old and wrinkled. Always think about how big an impact the design has on you and use your time to think before getting it.

Choose where you want the tattoo

Do you want your tattoo covered or to show up every day? It’s so important to consider the placement of your tattoo on your body. You can consider getting a henna tattoo of your chosen design before getting the real one. This will enable you to get an idea of how it feels in a certain place and at a certain area, especially at work. A tattoo should make you feel comfortable and confident but not uneasy.

Don’t price shop

Cheap is expensive, you should be ready to pay as much to get a good quality work. The tattoo will be on your body for life, therefore get the best of all even it will cost you an extra shilling. The cost of a tattoo will depend on the size and color added.

Make sure it’s what you want

Before doing the actual design the artist will put a transfer of the tattoo on your body in the place you want it. Make sure you love the placement and the size .Listen to all that the tattooist tells you but remember it’s your body and your choice counts.


Don’t be afraid to take your time while choosing a tattoo. Follow all the given steps in order to get good end results. You can get recommendations for artists from friends but your final choice depends on you. The color of your tattoo should match your skin tone and also you should consider the size of your tattoo.


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