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Tattooing guide for beginners


The most obvious questions all tattoo beginners ask are like, how much does a tattoo cost? How long a tattooing process does take? Where to do they begin? Well, no more worry since the beginner’s guide will answer all these questions. Tattoo decorates the human body and can also serve as a memorial. Becoming a tattoo artist is a very competitive venture; therefore, it’s crucial to choose a method of study to learn how to tattoo and also safety for your clients and you. Creating your own style is important to capture more clients’ thus utmost success. Here are some bases on how to become a successful artist.

Develop your style and skills

Before becoming a money making artist offer free tattoos as part of training. Practice on different skin types, areas of the body and different skin colors. Most clients will want to see a portfolio of your work before hiring you. Therefore, it’s important to take photos of every tattoo you ink and create a portfolio of these photos. Networking with professionals is important to observe techniques and also learn which styles are popular. After reviewing a rainbow of styles you can begin to hone your own. Showing the world something new will move any artist from good to great. Practice and dedication are the key to becoming a good tattoo artist. Tattoo artistry is a developing field and can be lucrative after some years of study so do not be left behind.

Tattoo equipment

During your training as a tattoo artist, you will learn how to use a tattoo needle, tattoo machine, sterilizing autoclave and color sets. A tattoo machine is used to draw the tattoo on the skin and it requires a steady hand. You can practice using this equipment on soft materials. When using a needle on a client always open the sterilized package in front of them. The flat needles are used for shading and round needles are used for outlining. These needles are made from different material so it’s wise to ask for mentor’s explanation on each. Always use autoclaves to sterilize all the equipment’s that are not disposable. Your mentor should explain how autoclaves work to make it easier for you to use. Tattoo color sets are the ink that is put into the skin and must be from a reputable company.

Follow the tattooing trend

Always go with what most tattooists are doing. Just like anything else, there are times when a particular tattoo style is more popular. Looking at the last guy version and doing the same thing instead drawing your own only shows lack of creativity and fear to start something new. Following the trend is not trying to force a client out of their ideas but to bring out your signature into an image. This enables you to capture more clients’ thus worthwhile success.

Secret of tattooing is repetition

In order for our creative ideas to flow effortlessly we have to train our mind and hands to a point where they can do what we ask of them without much hustle. The only way to improve your work is repetition before actually understanding everything. In tattooing, you must perform the same action over and over until the muscles respond to your imagination without overworking the brains. Most artists act as if they were born with the abilities they have but the truth is they got where they are by repetition. It’s so fortunate for tattoos since the act of drawing uses the same muscle memory thus each minute spent drawing is the same with that spent tattooing. Repetition is the only way to get that particular image into your until you can see it in your sleep.


As a body artist, it’s good to understand that you will be working with blood. The primary concern should be your safety and your clients. You should get all the necessary vaccinations to protect you from infections that are transferred by blood contact. Every artist is supposed to have a blood borne pathogen certificate obtained by taking a training course and test through the internet. Tattoo artists should also learn how to keep their environment sterile and safe. All tattoo artists should wash their hands with antibacterial soap before and after tattoo and sanitize their work space between tattoos. The working environment should be cleaned in between tattoos.

Learn how to tattoo

Dedication is the key to success since learning how to tattoo is a huge commitment. Most people seeking education as tattoo artists have basic art courses and a passion for drawing and sketching. Most artists acquire tattoo education through apprenticeship. To secure an apprenticeship, you have to create a portfolio of drawings to show your artistic ability. Practice frequently and be dedicated to having sketches which represent your best work at the end of your apprenticeship. Understand everything your mentor will provide you with when still learning under him or her. Selecting a mentor is a very serious task thus you should consider someone whose work you admire. Your mentor should be a person you get along with and who have solid business management skills. He or she will teach you the dos and don’ts of the business.


There a lot of risks associated with tattooing. The biggest is contracting a blood borne pathogen. Always use sterile equipment and proper disposal methods for the safety of everyone. Always ensure your clients are happy and ready to refer your work to their friends. Tattoo artist should learn how to communicate effectively with their clients. All the above-given basics will help all the artists to move from good to great. Every tattoo artist should enjoy everything they since tattooing is fun and hard work.


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