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Top 7 tattoo tips


Tattoos can be used to make a statement or to commemorate an event personal to you. Getting your first tattoo is just like a rite of passage. Many parents do not approve of them since they believe tattoos are for sailors. Before you get your tattoo inked on your biceps you need to do some research to further understand what you getting yourself into. Here are some best tattoo tips.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol thins your blood and makes you bleed more during the tattooing process. This makes it even harder to put the ink in thus messing up your tattoo design. This might also degrade your judgment thus you may take a decision you regret later. Alcohol will not make the tattooing process hurt any less so it’s important to avoid it entirely.

Check the spelling with any tribal letters

You should know what a symbol means before permanently etching them on your body. There is nothing wrong with getting something from a different culture that you find meaningful. Don’t choose anything fashionable over something simple and neat.

Get a bid on your tattoo before inking

A good tattoo from a professional artist costs a lot of money. The main cost determiners are the size and details. The longer a tattoo takes the more expensive it is .A small tattoo costs much less since it needs less work. Choose a good artist with a good portfolio and inquire on the prices before anything is done.

Consider tattoo position

The location of the tattoo is as important as the tattoo itself. You need to consider your wardrobe and then consider when to expose your tattoo. It’s good to choose a meaty part of your fresh since it hurts less compared with a tattoo done on the bone. Tattoo on the arms, neck, and neckwear and tears easily thus more money.

Designing a tattoo is important

Tattoos last forever so be sure to choose something you will love for years to come. Take your time to do research, scour books and magazines to get a good quality design. The design doesn’t have to be significant just choose something that you think looks cool and unique. The color of your tattoo should match your skin tone. Consider the price the larger and more detailed a tattoo is the more money you spend.

A big tattoo is not always the best

When choosing a tattoo design costs is not the only consideration but also time. A big tattoo will take a lot of time to get done. The larger the tattoo, the more the pain! Choose a small design that can be completed in a single visit then you can add your collections later.

First, tattooing can be painful so go with a friend to ease the pain

Getting tattoos in pairs is more fun. It’s good to be with someone who has your back when someone else is carving on it. Even if your friends does not need her own tattoo coming along with you for support and company will be important. Plus, a second opinion never hurts.


Pick a book in a beauty parlor and check all designs available. Depending on the pain and where you get the tattoo the discomfort can range from a bit uncomfortable. You can get a temporary version of a tattoo to serve as a guideline for the artist. These tips will help you in getting your desired tattoo design.


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